20 May

How to make someone feel small:

My mother. God, how Freudian.

“Eww,” she says, her face scrunching up. Two women are kissing on the screen. “That’s disgusting.” She says.

“Mom, stop. That offends me.” I say. “It’s disrespectful.”

That offends me.” She says.

I am getting angry and upset and annoyed. Not a good feeling when you are sitting next to someone in a movie theater. I have been trying to take different things she has said to mean she would be supportive, and try and understand if I told her I was bi. Like, she DOES like modern family, and she thinks Mitch is funny. But then this happens, and I am discouraged, and I mumble something about “Just because something makes you uncomfortable does not mean it’s disgusting” and she says “Two girls kissing is disgusting” and I am mad the rest of the night but she doesn’t really know why. 

There is smalltasks ranting again about things, she thinks. And asks for a ride to work, and whether I want popcorn– and I want to say no to both, but only politely decline the second and set my alarm for 7:45 am.


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