Binary Differences

25 May

Dating boys: 

Option A: don’t like you, don’t like you, you like me, okay I kind of like you, dating!

Option B: eh, you’re okay eh, you’re okay eh … you helped a small child buy a new ice cream, DEAR ME OH MY YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND PERFECT AND NICE AND PROBABLY MY LOVE OF LIFE

Option C: We’re hanging out? Uh… okay.. I mean is that dating? Like do you “like like me or just like me?” 

Option D: Shit you have a girlfriend. I am now obsessed.


Dating girls:

Option A: Wow, you are pretty and funny and nice. Wow, you are so smart. Wow, we should hang out and be best friends forever. Slash make out. And watch chick flicks after we get pedicures, cook dinner together, and have fulfilling conversations. Then cuddle. 


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