25 May

Applying to Medical School:

Yeah, no. I like writing and art and my time and not owing anyone $200,000. Plan B.

(What is Plan B? That is a damn good question. Methinks probably being founder of a socially-responsible sustainable NGO to help women rule the world. No for real though….)

Losing 50 pounds

Gained three pounds. Job searching be stressful, yo. But really um I may or may not have made homemade chicken gorgonzola pizza with artichoke hearts and carmalized onions topped on a honey crust. Washed down with chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, diet coke, and shame. *BUT* I did work out for an hour with my superfly/buff sister (side note: mean great aunt once told me “It must be hard to have such a pretty sister. Ho.) But no really, she’s the pretty one. BUT I like to read, so meh we’re even.

Openly Discussing Sexuality:

a) I have a blog.

b) The pretty sister knows and still loves me. We still fight over hair ties now that mine is getting longer.

c) I have confrontational discussion with parents but no coming out moment with anyone in my family except my sister.

d) My BFFs ask me about my love life (lack there of)… But that is another post, no?

e) I still don’t love any of the letters in the LGBTQ sequence soooo demerit?



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