Home is where the (microbrewery and queer-friendly) heart is?

10 Jun

I am trying to find a new home.

I have new things added to my list. Weird things. Like: “Queer-friendly.” Okay… well what exactly does that mean? My current state is technically “queer-friendly” in a lot of legal ways. But I cannot tell you much about the make-up of the place I live other than it is extremely homogenous. I am pretty sure my grams (WHOM I ADORE, let’s make that very very clear!) would have a heart attack and keel over in a million pieces if she saw two ladies a’lovin’ (or men a’marryin’. eh? eh? funny, right?).

Yeah okay. Convo with mom again (I have a tight knit family).

Mom (upon spotting a girl with slouchy pants, a mohawk ‘alternative lifestyle haircut’ and a grey t-shirt): “Is that a girl? Is it? No… a guy. No… a girl.”

Me: (silent)

Mom (trying really hard to be not judgy): I mean. I bet she’s a lesbian. A lezbo. Just on looks alone.

Me: “Wow. You know, I feel… like if you are considering moving to Boulder, you might not like it.”

Mom: “Why?”

Me: “I mean… there are people there that care about the environment—”

Mom: “–I care about the environment!!!”

Me: “And there are gay people.”

Mom: “I don’t mind gay people! I just— wouldn’t want there to be all gay people. Then I might feel out of place.”

Me: (reveling in the irony, pause for effect): Yeah… maybe then you’d know how it feels.

Ohhhhh the midwest. So I have narrowed it down to a) places I’d want to live b) places I’d want to live after and during grad school since that is where your network tends to be. I’d love thoughts on any of the following cities that I’ve not yet been to but am considering on things like walkability, community, artsy-food-paint-music-theater-type scene. I also don’t like being cold OR if it is cold I like things like sunshine to make it all better.

Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boulder, Berkeley

Ready… thoughts?


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