Sexuality and Spirituality II: Cultural Context

15 Jun

So, you say you have no guilt (see last post). How, how, how?

How does that work you ask? Homosexuality and abomination and all that jazz?

The very simple answer is I don’t believe being gay is wrong or in conflict with spirituality. I chalk the Biblical angst up to culture, I follow my gut of what is right and what isn’t. We have to give ourselves a little credit for having a moral compus as humans. Mine is in-tune (believe me– a lie or angry word *does* tear me up.) Similarly to how slavery seems to be condoned Biblically, women were told not to braid their hair and kings had multiple wives– the anti-homosexuality sentiments in the Bible I accept as spoken about because men often took younger boys as sex slaves in that time and place. We live in a time and place where all people should be able to love whom we love– and in order to make a spiritual relevant, it has to be applicable to our lives today.

I do look at the life of Jesus, and His is the life I see as a model of how to be good to one another. What I can’t understand is why Christians in general have made homosexuality into such a divisive issue.

If you lived your life treating gay people the same as yourself, would Jesus really condemn you for that? Quite the contrary– if you as a Christian are literally pushing people into hating what Christians stand for because you are uncomfortable seeing two men or two women holding hands at the grocery store while bickering over whether or not to cook lasagna or tacos for dinner— then that is when I think the just and loving God you claim to know would have a bit of an issue. How is that any different than shaming someone because of their body? Guilt is not something God loves. He loves redemption and mercy and forgiveness– that is the kind of God I want to put my hope in. I just don’t understand why this isn’t a non-issue, and it has made me angry and categorize religious people as small-minded.

But as for my spirituality and sexuality? They have never, in my mind, been in conflict.


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