Attraction vs. admiration

10 Jul

Do I want you, or do I want to be you?

I know, I know– this sounds a little creeper status. No?

Okay, both alternatives seem creepy. I have been on the receiving end (the “girl-crushed upon”) and was vaguely annoyed said girl was stealing all my mad music discoveries and expecting me to be perfect when I am *definitely* not.

But as a fairly driven individual or even a sorta competent individual, do you ever meet those people you get all starry eyed about? Like you want to follow them like a puppy dog and buy them things like lattes and stickers from the bookstore and just basically ask them how they got so amazing and would they please teach you their ways so one day you can be amazing too?

If not, well find yourself a mentor.

If so, and other person was not attractive or in your pool of potential lovers, welllllll great. Glean genius. Do genius things like write books and make amazing works of art.

But what if you super admire the person AND they are sexy AND you get confused whether or not you want to BE WITH that person or BE someone LIKE that person? Has that ever happened to you and what was your plan?


Not that I am sort of infatuated with my lesbian maybe potential boss or anything. Cuz that’d be weird, and kind of prime-time-y. Curly hair folks. Curly hair. Mind you this crush I don’t have is very innocent and much like I’d imagine a crush on ahem Marion Cotillard would be…. if I had silly celebrity crushes…which I don’t of course.


One Response to “Attraction vs. admiration”

  1. Pucker Up Buttercup August 10, 2013 at 7:15 am #

    My theory is that somewhere inside we’ve all got a repressed 4th grader that pops up when a woman comes into the picture who’s awesome, but not exactly dating type awesome. And we get all weird and “will you be my new best friend” and want to do the sticker thing, and it feels confusing because we’re lesbians and surely this must all means there’s an attraction, right? It happens to me every so often, less now than when I was younger, and I just breathe and remember it’s my inner-8-year-old and she’s just over excited.

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