Sad panda

18 Jul

Today is a sad day.

I miss my ex- girlfriend. We haven’t talked for over a week.

I know, I know. Pathetic you say. Er… a week? you say. It doesn’t seem like very long.

Well shut-up you, I miss her.

But no… I know that it is not long. For example– I haven’t talked to my best friend since her birthday which was about a month ago. But I think the difference is… a) I have the OPTION of talking to her like whenever b) I’m having coffee with her Friday c) I never liked her like that d) She wasn’t the first person I wanted to call all the time with all my stupid stuff and see how her day was and ask how she was and just cuddle with. Losing that for real sucks. But it has to, has to, has to be done. Or we’ll both be sad forever, and I could tell I kept making her sad even though I was happy with just having her in my life– I know sometimes 90 percent is worse than 0 percent, because you just want that extra 10 percent. Which I couldn’t give her. So now we have 0 because… I won’t keep hurting someone I love because I like having them in my life. I won’t do it. Ugh, so when I want to pick up the phone and cry and tell her I miss her, I try to remember that this is better.



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