Meeting people

13 Aug

I have met I think 8 interesting people.

Gal with the dog and her boyfriend who is snarky but interesting and a big oil attorney, boy with cat, (all in my hall last night “dorm room” style sitting on the floor and throwing the ball for the dogs and drinking cab out of a box— oh we classy).

Um couple at coffee shop. He works in foreclosures and she is awesome and does like yoga stuff– (this was the one who said I should do bootcamp with her). Cool online gal who lives in my neighborhood. 

Mmmmmm oh Lara* at the bar and *Jake. Lara was on a date she rated a 4 (he was alright… but again the boring boy syndrome. I felt a bit bad for him). Jake was half *Argentinian and we chatted about our similarities. He thought I said my mom was from *Argentina tambien– but I said nope! *Ohio!!!!!

Girl at work orientation who is going to be working for WIC– awesome gal. BUT MOST awesome gal is *Cherry who seems fabulous 🙂 She also lives in my neighborhood, is from Portland, and has a dog. Good good. She’s married and new to the area— so I never know the etiquette– do you invite love along as well?

Also healthy wise– accidentally lost 7 pounds. Ate kale for dinner. I have lost my appetite completely and just am not interested in food. Which is weird for me. I have to remind myself at 3 in the afternoon that the reason I’m feeling woozy is because I haven’t eaten since breakfast the day before. I’d be happy– but I kind of just don’t care.


One Response to “Meeting people”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals August 13, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    Denver does have quite the crowd when you look for them. . . one of my favorite things about the city.

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