16 Aug

I was in a potentially very dangerous situation today. Of course, I told my ex. Talked to her briefly– but she acted like I was bothering her. Super awkward and short with me. Like she couldn’t care less. I tried it to keep it together until we could leave the building, and I when they said the danger was over, I asked if she could talk…and she said she couldn’t because she was at lunch.

Okay… I mean, if she were in any time of similar situation I would have stepped away from lunch for a second to talk to her. I’m not mad, I’m just hurt. But obviously this is her not only stopping caring about me, but makes me question if she ever really cared in the first place. I was literally shaking and pretty afraid, but didn’t want to upset my family. I guess any conversation I wanted to have with her pretty much doesn’t matter now.



One Response to “Danger”

  1. shatfernandez August 17, 2013 at 4:11 am #

    Some people prefer not talk to their exes after the break up, not because they stop caring but because they might need time and space to heal..

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