Fun night and Facebook

25 Aug

Had such a fun night! I went out with a few people, and though we never got around to hiking, I so enjoyed their company. It is kind of an eclectic group of people– Pretty Eyes, Southern Girl, and this very gentlemanly Mexican guy (We’ll call him Nug because he is super cute). We went to REI, ate great food, went to a comedy duel, and then hung out at my place! The four of us have BIG plans to explore and conquer Colorado. We are going to have a great time. Southern Girl loves music, and we have really similar tastes in music

Came home to mess around on computer, and Lovely deleted me from Facebook. It sounds stupid, but this is just another stinging thing… I don’t know. She said she wants me in her life– we had great conversation about boundaries and friendship today– and being able to stay in touch about just life things (without me declaring my love. Which is fair.)

So, why is she trying to erase me even more 😦 ? Doesn’t she know how much that hurts my feelings? Am I not worth even being friends with?


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