20 Jul

So, it has been some time. Hello!

My goals have changed as well as my life. I am loving living in Denver, Colorado. The weather is nice, the people are nice as well as fairly attractive (in all the ways). I am happy here, I think.

Decided to apply to PA school instead of medical school. A lot has happened this year. Moved to Colorado. Got fired, presumably because I am bisexual, but what to do? Do I sue a huge organization in Denver? How long do I have to do that? I am not sure.

Started an amazing job, but I am super poor. I know that is a (hopefully) temporary situation, but I’ve definitely come to realize I appreciate all of my freedoms. Still kinda on again off again with Adventurous– I’m fickle and “hard to hold on to” (I know that comes from a singer but don’t know which one). Like I don’t know the whole cliche “I love you but am I IN LOVE with you?” How do you figure that out.


Still need to lose weight. Shocker. I got a fitbit and have been tapping at it and it makes dots, so far unimpressed. I would like to write more, write a book, a musical, a blog all of it.


SO. I will start posting here more often. Going to pitch a story about spirituality and sexuality to Huffington post, lets see what happens! Starting a freelance writing and photography business, and suggestions out there?


ALSO if any of y’all live in Denver, hit me up!


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